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An Estate Plan Is More Than Just Papers In A Binder

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

by Logan Philipps

The picture above is from the movie Onward by Pixar. The film is fabulous. The story is of two brothers searching for magic that will allow them to see their father for one day. The father died young so one brother has a few memories while the other brother has none. Both brothers crave a connection with their dad, but the focus is on the youngest brother’s struggles to discover himself.

In this scene he is listening to his dad’s voice on cassette tape in a boombox.

I have something similar from my dad. I know how comforting the sound of a loved one can be after they are gone. You see, my dad knew he was going to pass away. And, because of that he had an opportunity to leave us a gift. My stepmom asked him to record memories and thoughts.

Back in 2002, before iPhones, iPads, etc., tape recordings were the best they could do. He did it and when he was gone, she put his words on DVD with pictures. I have cherished that DVD.


At Resch, Root, Philipps & Graham, we feel an estate plan is more than papers in a binder. Yes, a good estate plan should have all the appropriate documents in place, but we feel it should also be about love, memories, and guidance.

We want you to have the opportunity to leave a gift for your family. We call it the Legacy Video. Technology has provided us a unique opportunity to leave a message live and in color to those we love, and it is unique to you and your family.

Below are some ideas about what you can share in your Legacy Video.

  • How did you meet?

  • Why do you love each other?

  • Describe the birth/adoption of each child.

  • What are your favorite memories of each child as a baby or toddler?

  • What makes you proudest of each child?

  • Describe life events that shaped you personally or as a couple.

  • What family traditions have you all practiced?

  • Is there a vacation spot that you would love to see your children continue to visit?

  • Do you have any suggestions as to how you would want them to use the financial assets?

  • Have you had any special spiritual or religious experiences that you want to share?

  • Is there anything inspirational or encouraging you wish to share? Mistakes from which you learned a valuable lesson? Risks you took that worked? Risks you took that failed?

Sure, you could opt to do this at home, but we hope that by including it in our estate planning process and providing a scheduled opportunity to record your special message in a private space, you will actually take the time to do it. If you are interested in learning more about our Legacy Video, please give us a call at 614-760-1801.

The movie Onward is now available on Disney Plus. You can view the trailer here:



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