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Feed the Kids Columbus

December 2022

To recognize and support the various charities that are close to the hearts of our employees, Resch, Root, Philipps & Graham is providing each staff member an opportunity to select their favorite charitable organization, introduce the charity in a blog post, and then make a donation in the employee’s name to that special cause.

This month, Angela McCormick (one of our legal assistants) shares the story of how she came to know about Feed the Kids Columbus and what they are doing for children with food insecurities here in our community.


In December 2019, a Dublin, Ohio mother of four young children (Ashley Kanney) hosted a food drive in her garage to make “blessing bags” for 97 hungry families in Dublin around the holidays. Fast forward three months to the start of a global pandemic that brought food insecurity to the forefront and Feed the Kids Columbus was born.

Today, Feed the Kids Columbus (FTKC) serves thousands of hungry kids in and around central Ohio through partnering with 25 schools to provide food bags and snacks for kids to take home over extended breaks from school like spring break.

Angela's FTKC Story:

I became aware of Feed the Kids Columbus in 2020 when our schools shut down during Covid. I did not realize how heavily a lot of children in our Dublin community relied on meals at school. I signed up and my boys and I began making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and snack bags for FTKC.

It was important to me that my children understood that we do not just live in a bubble, and that there are people in need all around us.

Last year, I was able to introduce my the RRPG Team to Feed the Kids and as a group we created 100 meal bags for children to have food over the Christmas break.

What Ashley has built has helped so many and even something as small as making sandwiches goes a long way.


Last December, the RRPG team assembled bags of food for Central Ohio children as part of a service project with Feed the Kids Columbus. Many children – some of which are right here in our community – have food insecurities, especially over the holiday break from school.

Want to host your own FTKC house/office party?

Are you inspired by Feed the Kids Columbus? Have you been looking for a fun way to spread the word about Feed the Kids Columbus and raise dollars to buy food for hungry kids? If so, consider hosting a Feed the Kids Columbus House Party!

Learn more here:

There are as many as 13 million children in the United States who are at risk of hunger. Throughout central Ohio, it is estimated that over 700,000 children struggle with food insecurity. The consequences of hunger are much more than a growling stomach. Poor nutrition can result in a weaker immune system, increased hospitalization, lower IQ, shorter attention spans and lower academic achievement. Many food insecure children are fed during school hours through Federal Child Nutrition Programs. FTKC strives to ensure food insecure children in central Ohio can get nutritional meals over extended school breaks and snacks throughout the year. Our work supplements nutritional needs where government programs are not available.

Program Goal: While food insecure children have access to their school’s free and reduced meal program during school hours, many suffer from hunger during the weekend and over extended school breaks. Our program goal is to ensure that children who face food insecurity within our partner schools have access to food over the extended school breaks and snacks throughout the school year.

Feed the Kids Columbus is a 501c3 organization working to serve and advocate for children in Central Ohio with food insecurities. In partnership with the community, local schools & businesses we provide meals and snacks to fight childhood hunger.



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