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Introducing BOUNDLESS Health

Updated: Jan 25

A new and unique health care center in Worthington, Ohio.

By Derek Graham

Boundless Center of Excellence for Health and Human Services

Here at RRPG, we get the privilege of working with many great providers and organizations who work with people having developmental disabilities (“DD”).

In Ohio, you cannot have a group discussion with parents or self-advocates in the DD system without hearing the name Boundless.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Renee Stein several years ago through work - she is a former Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities Board Member and now the Director of Program Sales and Outreach at Boundless. Over the years, I’ve been very impressed with Renee and the many incredible and passionate administrators who keep Boundless moving.

When I heard about recent service fields into which Boundless is expanding, I invited

Dr. Patrick Maynard, President and CEO of I Am Boundless, Inc., to write a blog post about this. As parents, advocates, and day-to-day participants in the DD system, we realize this is information that people need to know.

Thank you to Patrick and Boundless for providing this information, and more importantly—for continuing to be creative and innovative in how to provide meaningful services.

Exciting Things Happening at Boundless

By Patrick Maynard

Did you know that people with complex needs live up to 16 years less than the average US citizen? Did you know that people with complex needs are hospitalized at nearly twice the average rate and prescribed drugs at four times the average rate? Did you know that approximately 36% of all healthcare expenditures go toward treating people with complex needs?

To some, those numbers are shocking. At Boundless, we see them as a call to action.

Boundless staff member with child

The Boundless Health Center is open to meet the unique primary and preventive healthcare needs of people with (I/DD) and behavioral health challenges.

On the Boundless Worthington campus, this clinic will offer a range of critical services in a single, convenient location, including annual wellness exams, vaccinations, well-woman care, and sick visits for patients of all ages. The clinic will also help with managing chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma; rapid tests for flu, strep, and A1C; dental exams, cleanings, and X-rays; psychiatric evaluations and counseling; speech and language therapy; and so much more.

Boundless staff member with adult

Patients can choose Boundless for all their primary, behavioral health, and soon even dental care needs. Boundless Health services aren't just for people with I/DD either—family members are also welcome. If a patient is satisfied with their current doctor, they are welcome to continue seeing them and use Boundless Health only for unmet needs.

Boundless Health is ready to partner with existing healthcare providers and local resources to coordinate and elevate care, not replace what is already working well for patients and families.

man and woman hugging

Building a world that realizes the BOUNDLESS potential of all people



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