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It's Back to School Time!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

This month, the RRPG team offers a collection of fond memories, words of wisdom and some terrific pictures from the past and present as we usher in a new school year.

Whether you're sending your kids off to school for the first time, helping move them into a dorm or watching your grandkids board a school bus, we think you'll find this blog post both fun and endearing.

Charity's Family

Charity: We have a tradition of going out for a family dinner before the school year starts. This year was different though, because we were preparing for our oldest son, Henry, to head off to college. He's now a freshman at Ohio Wesleyan University.

After we were done moving him into his dorm room, our "goodbye" was short, but sweet. In the blink of an eye, he was off with his new buddies from the basketball team.

Pro Tip for Parents of Adult Children: When a child turns 18, a parent no longer has legal access to their medical records. Take time to set up your adult child's supported decision making legal documents before they leave home. It's an easy, inexpensive step that can ensure your ability to assist them in their early adult years.

Questions about these legal documents? Give us a call at 614-760-1801.

Trapper Keeper

Layne: As a self-professed “nerd," I’ve always LOVED back-to-school! Oh how I loved my Trapper Keeper and getting it all organized for day one of school.

Learning of any type continues to bring me such joy. It’s a passion I've tried to impart to my sons. I want them to love learning for learning's sake and to build well-rounded knowledge on any topics that interest them.

Jen: Here's a picture that dates back to 1977. My mom is walking a group of neighborhood kids down the street to school. (I'm the one in front with the knee socks.)

I was absolutely terrified of school and had no desire to leave the comfort of my home for a classroom.

Jen heading to school

Pro Tip to Ease Back-to-School Anxiety: Being the youngest of six, my mom knew I would be missing everyone, so she taped our family photo to the inside lid of my lunch box. She told me that every day when I opened my lunch box, I could look at our picture and it would feel like I was sitting with my whole family. ❤️

Peggy: I have a story about my son, Andrew, and his first day of kindergarten that I think is very sweet. He's 19 now, so it was quite a while ago.

Heart in hand

The bus driver pulled up in front of our house to take Andrew to his first day of school. He was the first kid on the bus. He was going to afternoon kindergarten. He was very scared. So I kissed the palm of his hand and told him that if he missed me, he could put his hand up to his face and know that I loved him and was thinking about him. As the bus pulled away, the look on his face was of a man being sent off to his doom. I nearly cried myself. 😢

In the afternoon, he and his sister, Meghan, got off the bus together and he was in a happy mood so I figured the day went well. When I asked him if he had needed to put his hand to his face at all, he answered, "3 times."

Meredith - first day of school

Meredith: The only day of the year that my mom got up before me and my two brothers was on the first day of school so she could make us French toast for breakfast. On all the other days, she would sleep in to avoid any fights or arguments, so that we would all start off the day on the right foot.

We're certainly glad Meredith's mom was able to capture these adorable photos of her!

Pro Tip for Parents of Children Living at Home: Stay engaged with your kids and listen to their stories while they are living under your roof. Once they go off to college and/or out into the real world, you no longer hear everything that is happening in their lives.

Nicole: We now have one child who just started his sophomore year at Ohio State, but we also have two still under our roof - which means they are still required to pose for first-day-of-school pictures!

Here we have Hannah, a junior in high school, along with Owen, a freshman. This is the first year they are driving to school together on their own.

Pro Tip for Parents of Young Drivers:

Many parents have found the Life 360 App to be a helpful way to track the driving of their young drivers - both location and even top speeds as teens get behind the wheel.

It may seem like spying, but it goes both ways - they can find you with this app, too!

Angela: A favorite back to school memory is that I always loved getting new school shoes. I couldn't wait until the first day to wear them. I was never allowed to wear them until the first day of school. I have no idea why but it still stands for my own boys too - they don't wear their new school shoes until the first day of school.

We had to do a side-by-side for this one to show how much Angela still resembles her first grade photo. (Apparently, we need a "Pro Tip" from her on aging gracefully!) 😉

Linda: I had the pleasure of helping my daughter, Angela, prepare for her first day of school - not as a student, but as a new elementary school teacher! Angela is pictured here - in the middle (with the cat mask) - along with some of her new teaching buddies.

Pro Tip for New Teachers: If you walk into an elementary school classroom, it is usually full of vibrant colors, creative displays, fun activities and school supplies - but it certainly doesn't happen overnight. One way to help a new teacher stock their classroom is to donate gently used (age appropriate) books. It's a win-win situation! You get to clean out and declutter your book shelves while helping others.



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