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Special Needs Planning

Planning for Quality of Life with Trusts

Our goal is to get to know you, your family and your child’s unique needs. Understanding these details allows us to put your vision for the future into a legal framework. We identify threats to your child’s benefits and care including assets that he or she may inherit from you or others. We guide families through the strategies that are available to achieve their goals, and craft solutions to protect assets. We develop unique plans to ensure that assets efficiently and safely pass from you to your child or others.

Supported Decision Making and Guardianship

We will all need help at some point in life. Whether you need powers of attorney authorizing someone to assist you or guardianship, which equips someone else to make legal decisions for you, we are well-versed in establishing whatever decision-making framework is necessary to serve you and your loved ones.

Two hands touching, one supporting another.

SSI and SSDI Applications

Individuals with disabilities are eligible for benefits from the Social Security Administration. We help you navigate the confusing application processes for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability (SSDI) so that you can receive the benefits you need and deserve. 

Eligibility for Benefits

Unfortunately, many families have to fight for eligibility when it comes to certain benefits such as eligibility for county board of developmental disability services and Medicaid.  We train families on what to expect and how to present the

best case for eligibility.

Medicaid Waiver Advocacy

A Medicaid waiver is a critical tool for independence that families of loved ones with special needs rely upon. If you want to know how to get a waiver or how to maximize the use of your existing waiver, we can help with those questions.

Transition Planning

It is scary to think about a loved one with special needs transitioning from living at home to living in the community. Whether purchasing a home or renting an apartment, we help people understand the legal ramifications of the transition to independent living.

We are honored to have been asked by the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council

to write these helpful guides for the state of Ohio.  

Click on a book to order a complimentary copy today.

Planning for Bright Tomorrows Book
Supported Decision Making and Guardianship Book
Representative Payee Handbook

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities invited us to join a video series called "5 Things You Need to Know About" for the disability community and their families.

Watch our videos on trusts and guardianship below.

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